No more in the shadows.

I am calling you out into a broad place,

a place of the people,

out into a public place.

I am calling you out from your caves

and hidden sanctuaries

and your places of safety and from your hospital rooms

Where you went in for rest and healing and restoration

These places have a deadline and a timeline and a destination to usher you into.

For your season of repair and renovation has come to completion.

Yes I am the great physician.

And your intervention and hospitalization and immersion has caused

a transformation in you.

Because you said yes to my rest and yes to the surgical season and yes to my test,

You have been made over into another man.

Another you that I have carved out and breathed into.

Transformation,  recognition and my stamp of approval.

My seal, my DNA implantation of the kingdom. You belong to me.

I rescued you.

And because you have chosen to come off of the plantation of man

and its rule, order, methodology and function and come into the kingdom which is my place of freedom

to follow in the imprint of my heart and to speak my words on your lips

It is in this place of rest is where you will build.

It this place of rest is where you build.

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