A Boutique Forensic Social Work Consultancy

Erase Pain. Empower People.

Who //
The Leigh K Ware Group, LLC is a forensic social work boutique consultancy offering products and services that solve problems and strengthen communities. We inform, transform and bring reform through coaching, consulting and training that helps mission driven pioneers and organizations unlock solutions for cities and systems.

Why //
Leigh K Ware, D.Min, MSW, BA, ICAADC is the founder and principal. Dr. Leigh created the firm after a successful 20 year career as a licensed clinician, trainer, program, manager, parole manager, minister and community builder. The Leigh K Ware Group was created because “I am driven to do justice”.

After decades of service with people in painful experiences, Dr. Ware has helped people see the promise underneath their stories, and helped organizations create impact out of chaos.

As a published author and trainer, Dr. Leigh has created successful models for system and community change. She is a solution strategist and able to create and facilitate methods that solve problems at the small and large scale. Dr. Leigh’s personal mission is learn, develop and inspire. Her commitment to God and the standard of justice are exemplified in the firm’s mission to erase pain and empower people.

What //
As a result of our work: Coaches, counselors, ministers, consultants, authors, pioneers and non-profit leaders will leverage their platforms to erase pain and empower people.

We are looking for people and places who want to advance their mission and unlock strategic solutions for the problems they are called to solve.

Who do you know?

/ To do justice is a joy to the righteous and a ruin to the workers of iniquity, Proverbs 21:15 YLT / 

We Serve Pioneers

We help pioneers transform cities and systems. //

We offer products and services for people who are driven by the mission to serve, build and lead.

Informational Products
Coaching and Training Programs
Mentoring Community for Women Leaders

Let us help you transform so you can pioneer from a platform of peace instead of pain.

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We Serve Organizations

We help groups and organizations make an impact in the cities and systems they were created to transform. //

We offer customized training, consulting, and speaking for groups, organizations and entities who are driven by the mission to serve and build community.

We specialize in the intersection of justice, social work and ministry.

We also provide PREA services, US Department of Justice Prison Rape Elimination Act Audits for jails, prisons, community confinement facilities and non-profit halfway house centers. Leigh K Ware, D.Min, MSW, ICAADC is a certified auditor with the US Department of Justice for Prison Rape Elimination Act Audit completion.//

Lets create flourishing communities together.